Would you write your tutorial blogs in this format?

Hi Bloggers,

"How-tos" is a popular content type. But I never felt writing them in a blog is entirely efficient. Often, such content grows longer because of code snippets, screenshots, etc, and then readers have trouble following them. Also, blogging sites lack the mechanisms to make content engaging with embedding surveys, audio clips, etc.

So I have created this new product called - walkthrough.so

It allows you to write your how-to in a new hybrid (doc + ppt) format using a notion style WYSIWYG editor. The content is SEO optimized as well. This makes writing them extremely easy.

I would love to get some feedback on this idea and product.

Would you use this? What more do you want from it?

  1. 1

    It's certainly interesting.

    I would consider it if I could easily add it to my existing blog, I'm not sure if that is possible?

    1. 1

      Can you share a link to your blog? Your response aligns with what I have heard from others. Its a difficult task but I will try.

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