Growth May 23, 2020

Wow. My blog post got shared by Google!

Kirill Zubovsky @kirill

This is too cool not to share, little humble brag. The blog post that I wrote on using UTM params in Google Analytics got shared by Google Analytics!. Their account has 1.1M followers. I am stoked. Let's see how this translates into visitors and conversions to the newsletter. Will keep everyone updated.

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    Very cool!
    That's how you know your content is really good

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      Hopefully! If even a few people get an insight from the article and start to track their content in more effective ways, I think it's worth it!

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    Wow! that's amazing, congratulations mate!

    Looking for the follow up on this, like many others I think! :)


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      Thank you!

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    Congrats! Looking forward to the follow up!

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      Thanks, me too! It'd be hilarious if the conversion is close-to-non. I mean, the article is about analytics, but Smash Notes is all about learning from podcasts. It's not exactly two overlapping audiences, although some people who like learning also like learning about Analytics, so I am hoping to capture those clicks!

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    That''s awesome! Congrats! :)

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      Thanks, appreciate it!

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    Congrats @kirill. This is awesome. Hopefully you get some visitors and conversions. You should definitely do a write up of the results after you see them on your end. It would be very cool to see and I'm sure plenty of people would get some great insights from it. Keep up the great work!

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      Thanks, appreciate it. I'll probably give it a few weeks before I start to tally the visits. We'll see how it goes.

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        Awesome @kirill. I look forward to it :)

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    Congratulations! I'd love to hear a follow-up on how it translates into conversions.

    I remember the excitement when one of our founders discovered the old BSOD Easter Egg in the CR-48 Chrome OS. Seeing it blow up and get posted on places like cnet and lifehacker was incredible! There's nothing quite like getting a good mention :-)

    Congrats, again!

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      Yeah, will definitely track and see where it goes. Given that it was shared at 5pm on Friday I am not hopeful for tens of thousands, but I stocked they liked the content. In fact, I am really amazed that GA is 20 years old, we are still using it, and there are still ways to use it better.

      Actually, here's the founding story of Urchin, they are in fact 25 years old this year. Incredible!

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    Congrats Kirill! 👏 Exciting to see your website results too!

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      Do you have any idea how they learned the existence of the article btw?

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    Wow how awesome congrats!
    What kind of exposure did you see on your blog after this?

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      Thanks! I'll have to tell you in a few weeks. Given that it was posted on a Friday night, there hasn't been a lot of traffic coming from that tweet. I want to see how it performs over the next few weeks, and then share the results!