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I'm most interested in informative posts about recent events or trends that will help other IHers stay up-to-date with what's happening right now. Educational posts are great, too, but we'll be a bit pickier with those.

It's fine to write about a niche, but since our newsletter goes out to everyone, you should try to explain your topic in a broadly appealing way. You can also talk about wider tech or business news, but in that case you need to add context specific to IHers.

Obviously I'll prioritize well-written, well-edited posts. Header images are a plus. Any format is fine: a story, an interview, a curated list, etc. The more creative the better, in fact. Try to keep your posts between 100 and 400 words. It's fine to link to or promote anything you like, as long as it's subtle and/or naturally fits into the post. Alternatively, I can simply link to whatever you'd like.

Finally, I'll be more likely to take a look if you include in your email a short blurb about how/why your post is entertaining or informative for IHers.

Happy writing!

  1. 7

    It would be cool to see some regular articles on trends within the IH community itself. For example…

    • What are some common themes around the latest milestones?
    • Any new trends in the types of products people have been creating in recent weeks?
    • What's gone down on Twitter recently that many of us probably missed?
    • Highlight some of the top comments in the most informative posts about some topic.
    • What are some similarities between a few of the recent podcast guests or interview subjects?
    • What groups are taking off? Who's running them, and how are they being run?
    • etc.

    There are all sorts of isolated facts and data points that would be super helpful to other IHers if they were wrapped up in a story that provided some context.

    I'd also love to see raw stories! Whether it's a story about you and your company, or a story you researched about someone else or their business. For example, I read a good one recently about how Dixie cups were the breakout startup of the 1918 pandemic.

    1. 1

      Hey Courtland, doing something similar to 1), just with interviews, not milestones. You guys featured my last article (about 1-2 years ago), but this is 10 times better. Hope to publish it next week.

  2. 6

    If anyone is writing with the intention of being featured, I'd be happy to proof read 🙌

    @channingallen Do any recent events or trends come to mind (to give a more concrete idea of what you have in mind). I am imagining something in a similar nature and depth to your post on Community?

  3. 2

    Does the post have to an original? I.e, only published on IH, not a personal blog?

  4. 1

    ✔️ submitted—thanks for doing this!

  5. 1

    I have a few ideas I can send over from stuff I've done - specifically the one on testimonials and the one on pricing I am drafting!

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