Product Hunt February 10, 2021

Wrote a 5000+ word article about everything I learned about launching on Product Hunt

Michael Sieb @Michael_Sieb
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    Thanks man for the quality content.

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    This is wonderfully written! I just wrote up my Product Hunt learnings, not quite as eloquent as yours, my brain thinks in such list form.

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      Thank you @mirayaberke 😊 Congratulations on the first spot!😻 Well deserved. And also great learnings and great execution! You put in the work.

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        Thank you! Phewww such a relief and accomplishment.

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    I'm about to launch a product, this will help me a lot. Thanks

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      @opmarq what are you going to launch?

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    This is awesome. I am about to launch my podcast web app soon on ProductHunt and will definitely use it. Thank you so much.

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      I'm glad to bring some value to you 😊

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    @Michael_Sieb, this is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing. And congrats on crushin' it on PH :)

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      Thanks a lot @aj_alkasmi 🙏 Are you going to launch something on PH?

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        @Michael_Sieb Yup. Aiming for late Feb / early March. Glad I have your post to help prepare! I'll keep you posted how it goes :)

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          Sounds great! Keep me posted :)

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    Absolutely loved it. Thank you for writing this!

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      Thanks for the great feedback! ✌️

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    fantastic presentation, thank you! and wow, that's a lot of work needs doing to get onto PH. Is it worth it?

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      @steveprocter thank you! I would say it does take some time, especially with all the preparation you can do. Surely there are enough examples that have worked well without much preparation time but I'm sure you can increase the chances significantly if you put some time and work into the launch.

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    Hey. Thank you for the guide

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      Thank you very much 🙏What was most helpful or recent for you?

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    Great Resource Michael!

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    Really useful thanks! I just launched on PH a few days ago and the results were really bad. Next launch I'll do I'll definitely take some of this advice on board

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      Glad you liked it! Let me know when you're launching next time :)

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    Brooo! This is sooo great.
    You should write a book about it 💪

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    Awesome! Congratulations on your launch and love your product, Michael!

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      @dominikSo means a lot to me! Hope the article brought some value to you.

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      Appreciate the kind words!✌️

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    This is huuuge Michael! Thank you.

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      Thanks, Csaba! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as a professional Maker.😻

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    Great, if only I had written this article before this. :D

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      @albertjr 🙈 there will be always a next launch!

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        Indeed! I guess I just got caught up in the moment. Lesson learned!

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    Thanks! I want to launch on PH soon and this came right in time!

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      @jelanisince94 what are you going to launch?

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          I like the website and the 3D models! :) Let me know when you are live on PH.

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              It's a great resource :)

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    Kinda dislike when people flex with the word count

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      Thanks for your honest feedback! I did not want to flex with the number, but just make it a bit more attractive and show that I have tried to put a lot of effort to create an added value.😇

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