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Wrote my first newsletter and keen to hear your thoughts


So I finally took the plunge and have started writing. I have just wrote my first newsletter and very keen to get any roast, feedbacks or thoughts on what I can do better https://bit.ly/2Imq7AX let me know what you think and how you think I can improve it further :D Is it interesting or not? What do you like and don't like?

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    The topics were very interesting and I love the breadth of information covered: from news to impact of covid, to product launched on product hunt to reading recommendations. It was quite easy to read, good pace and good choice of words.
    The only improvement would be to run it by a grammar editing tool. For example here, "One of the most popular apps this week on ProductHunt is WorkoutMe is from ViralWeGrow community member Pavel Yuriev. " the "is" after WorkoutMe could maybe have been removed.

    All in all, nice writing and all the best :)

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