Money February 5, 2020

WTF, Stripe Express!?

Courtney E. Scott @Scottworks

Hey all, apparently if you create a Stripe Express account, the email you use to register can only be used once. Therefore you cannot register multiple Stripe accounts using the same email address, nor can you create a Stripe Standard account and connect directly to the vendor. In my case I created a Moonlight (Stripe Express) account a while back, the other day I was trying to set up a Substack (Stripe Express) account and it kept failing to complete the registration process since the email account had already been used to create the Moonlight account. Has anyone else run into this problem? How did you resolve it?

Stripe can point the Express account(s) to alias email addresses, but honestly, that's such a PITA to create a new email address for every Express account.

Creating a fake or temp email address using one of the many services available also seems like a very risky move. I can see someone emailing support pretending to be you and social engineering their way into all of your banking information.

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    (I work at Stripe.) We're working on fixing this right now! Expect to hear more from in the coming days. (I can update here as well.)

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      YESSSSS!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

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    That sucks!

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    Isn’t it standard practice that if you sign up to any company with an email address then you can’t use that email address to create a separate account with the same company?

    Have I missed something?

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      Its a bit different, Stripe is a hub the connects to multiple websites. its basically a payment processor and that connects directly to you bank account. Standard accounts allow you to add up to 50 different vendors.

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    That is a huge pain. Thanks for the heads-up. If you have Gmail / GSuite or another email service that supports it could you append with a plus sign? [email protected]+substack, [email protected]+moonlight?

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        Nope, not even that complicated. There's nothing to configure. If you append a "+" after your name in gmail most other services will see that as a unique email address. For example:

        [email protected]
        [email protected]

        Most SaaS products you signup with that will NOT strip out the info following the plus sign, so will see those two as unique. However, Gmail / GSuite strips the values following the plus sign, which means emails sent to both those addresses both end up in my [email protected] email.

        It's a super easy little hack. I hope that helps.

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