YEN . FM — Newsletter (Soft Launch)

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    I dig this. Scribed🤘🏻

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      really appreciate this! thanks!

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    Signed up!! 😎😎

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      really appreciate hte support!!

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    Very cool. Also awesome content. Question for you, what if your newsletter is just content you found exciting to read and share that. I've been doing that for just over a month but really have got the amount of traction I hoped. I know it's early on, but would you recommend to choose a topic rather than curation?

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      i'm not just doing curation... i'm doing mostly original content!

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    Very nice! Subscribed.

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    congrats John! just signed up for it

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      thanks! appreciate the suport!

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    Just signed up for your newsletter @8bit 🙌🏻

    Big fan of the deep-dive about building a newsletter https://yen.fm/build-newsletter/ loved reading through it and full of incredible value.

    I am writing a newsletter myself since January 2019, it is called Creativerly if you have time to check it out and give me some feedback I would highly appreciate it. Currently, I am also on planning to rework my tech stack a little bit. I am eyeing with Ghost, since it is a great all-in-one package, and I am just a big fan of open source software. We will see!

    Anyways thank you for sharing your newsletter, can not wait to receive it in my inbox from now on! 🤩

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      thanks philipp! means a ton!

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    Hey @8bit. Niiiiice! And I looove the clean look. Well done!

    P.S. Have a look on the Firefox. Left part of the website doesnt dispay properly. It's fine on Safari.

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      doh! thanks for the heads-up. i'll take a look when i get the chance!

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    Landing page is awesome 👌

    Just signed up :D

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        You're welcome, I can't wait to see the content :D

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    The newsletter deep dive is great!

    I also really like the Would You Do One Thing For Me? section in the confirmation email.

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      appreciate that! thanks for giving it a look!

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    Looks great! Just signed up!

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      I thought this article was particularly useful: https://yen.fm/build-newsletter/
      Thanks for sharing!

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        yes, hopefully the first deep-dive will get folks talking about it!

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    I'm making the rounds and publicly sharing this new email newsletter with folks! If any of the content this past week is useful, I'd appreciate feedback!


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    😯 Nice! Like this, signed up! Amazing level of detail in the newsletter stack post.

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      thank you! every week i want to do super-practical deep-dives that can help move the needle for folks!

      please feel free to recommend topics!

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