Daily Stand-up April 6, 2020

#yenizen Daily Stand-up (4/6 to 4/12)

Casey Abbott Payne @CaseyAbbottPayne

Sup all!

I totally missed checking in last week because I added a new daily task to my plate which absorbed a lot more energy than I thought it would. Daily editing. I've built up the habit of writing at least 500 words a day (in a single Google doc) and I quickly realized that I also needed to get in the habit of editing/organizing some of that writing.

4/6 - Today I got Calendly further refined. I got it set up a week ago, but I quickly realized that I needed to make my availability more focused (it's just two days a week now). My next step will be reaching out to friends and family to do customer interviews with them and recruit them for my next 108-day cycle. I'm going to make a short video update every day M-F to go along with whatever I write. :)

I'm putting the updates on the channel that I plan on eventually being the hub for the community. I feel like it'd be nice to have the "historical" story of it's development there for the future when it's a community of millions. ;) lol


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    Good stuff Casey! I love the new video updates

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      Fresh! I'll keep them up! I'll keep them short too. :)

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    Thursday, April 9th

    I did a little more sorting to my list and started recording videos. I sent a practice video to my wife and realized that I need to organize a few more things before I start shooting the rest.

    1. I need to write a simple script/bullet points to have when I make the videos. The first part will probably be custom/casual and the back half will hit the bullet points/be scripted.
    2. I need to send them somewhere for "next steps".

    I'm actually going to be messaging everyone directly inside of messenger so I could probably say "Send me the secret message 'Carol fucking Baskin!'" so I know you watched it, and then I could send them the link to the Google form inside of having the link in the YouTube description area...

    Anyhow, I need to think about how I want that interaction to flow before I start sending videos willy-nilly! :)


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      i like how you're putting this in the same thread. very interesting strategy!

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    Wednesday, April 8th

    I went through the list from Facebook I made yesterday and ranked people on my list by how well I think they might be a fit for the community as well as how likely I thought they might be willing to pay.

    The community member fit took into account things like what their primary language was and whether they were a regular user of Facebook (since I'm running the community inside of Facebook right now).

    I mention it in the video, but the reason I wanted to get rid of the blank spaces without messing up the order was because Facebook seems to rank the list by order of who you interact with the most or who interacts with your content the most.


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      ... although, i'm unsure of what to follow...! lol!

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        Ha! I like having a single post with a few days in it. Then it kind of tells a story. The other thing I like is if multiple people are in the same thread it makes it easier to keep up with everyone. So what I'd normally do is just post the date as a comment.

        Friday, April 10th

        And then I'd post my update under that date and encourage others to do the same. I ran into a problem the first time I tried doing that though. After I made the post it wouldn't let me comment on it!

        So the way I'd want it to work is...

        #yenizen Daily Stand (Original post)

        • Monday, January 1st (First comment)
          • My update and other updates as a reply to the comment.

        Then the next day I'd write Tuesday, etc.

        It's how I do my Facebook group. :)

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          i do like this format.

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    whoa! 500 words a day is great!

    calendly took me a bit of time to get used to, tbh... and i didn't trust it for doing it "right".

    the unlock came with the batching... i couldn't figure out that forever!

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      Yeah, batching seems like the best way to do it. I've been reluctant to start passing out my link because I was thinking about how it would interfere with my normal lifeflow, but then I realized I could just limit it to some specific windows of time. It's a little clumsy for me because I'm trying to cover the US timezone.

      I also made it so people have to schedule 36 hours in advance so I have plenty of time to make adjustments.

      I can always still do off the cuff conversations, and I've been doing those a lot as well. :)

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        i do love "off the cuff"!

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    Friday, April 11th

    I got my second patron/customer/community member today! :D

    I was going to work on prepping a script and questions for a Google form, but I instead ended up on a call with a friend (and now patron :) ). It was a VERY insightful call. I learned that he wants to support both the content I'm making and the community I'm building. I found out what kind of content he likes.

    At one point he even started up-selling himself on higher tiered services. His says "You know what would really be nice is if people got to have 1-on-1 calls with you each week," and I was like "Yeah but... those would be more than $9/month." lol

    That said I'm going to be happy to jump on 1-on-1 calls will any community member in this early stage as I learn their likes, dislikes, and needs. :)


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    Tuesday, April 7th

    I copied and pasted my Facebook list into a Google Sheet. I've done this 3 times in the past in order to raise money on IndieGoGo for different projects. I've never done it as well as I could have (it's usually kind of last minute), but I've never had any trouble raising more than $1,000 this way to help kick start something. I would just go through the list, rank the likeliness that someone would donate on a scale of 1 to 3, sort it for the 1s and start reaching out to people.

    This time I'm actually less concerned about raising money and more concerned about finding quality community members. I'll actually have two columns. One for the quality of community member and one for likeliness that I think they'd pay. Then I'll focus on reaching out to the people that rank high on those two dimensions.

    I haven't thought about how many community members I want for the next cycle... I might cap it at 36. This last cycle had 18 with about half being daily users. If I had 36 daily users I think it might break the system I'm using managing inside of a Facebook group, but I have something in mind for managing it with more people.

    I'll probably spend the next cycle testing platforms to migrate away from Facebook to. MightyNetworks is currently at the top of the list.


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      you should put this in an independent post... not just a comment!

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        Ha! Good idea! I'll collect the main ideas and put them into a post. :)

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          let's go!