Daily Stand-up March 23, 2020

#yenizens Daily Stand-up (3/23 to 3/29)

Casey Abbott Payne @CaseyAbbottPayne

Yo! I'm finally getting this posted on a Monday! :D

I'm putting my Monday update in the body of this post, but I'll post the remaining days as replies. Feel free to do the same!

Monday - You know what I did today? Cooled off from "COVID-19 fever"... lol I reconfigured an app I haven't need to use in a long time (OFFTIME, OFFTIME sucks now... :'( ) to help create some boundaries on social media time. I also decided to "timebox" the amount of time I spend reading about COVID-19. I have all of the information I need to do what I need to do where I live and I've created a Facebook group to stay connected to family and friends. Not much else for me to do!

To help with my daily accountability I think I want to give myself a task to complete the following day. I'm going to get my Calendly set up properly and choose which way I want to do video for customer interviews!

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    Tuesday - Mission accomplished! Calendly is setup and ready to go and I test drove Whereby for virtual meetings. OFFTIME sucks now so I need to find a different app for locking down my phone. That said, I was able to exercise more self control manually today. :)

    Tomorrow: Tomorrow actually starts tonight! My mission for tomorrow is going to be earlier tonight and getting up early! That's it! lol My late nights have been taxing my ability to get things done during the day. I want to modify that.

    I'll give myself one more assignment... schedule at least one customer interview using Calendly (I'm going to reach out to my existing users first). Oh... I should also spend more time going over my questions... Well... if I get to bed early tonight I'm calling tomorrow a win! lol I'll report on what else I get done tomorrow. :)

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    Monday - Over the weekend I started CasterKit, a list of resources for podcasters who are just getting started, or looking for ways to improve their show. It's still in an early state, but so far I've received good feedback! Today I also published a post here on IndieHackers to show that off... Now it's time to get back to networking with people on here, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

    Have a great week!

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    Wednesday to Friday...

    Time flies when you drink Taiwan beer and smoke cigars into the wee hours of Wednesday night... lol

    I actually completed my Wednesday mission of getting to bed early the night before and I ended up having a really productive day! Even though I went to bed late on Wednesday, I met with a friend Thursday and we went on an epic hike. I ended up doing one of those not a customer interview interviews and learned some things.

    Some of the most important stuff I got done this week were:

    • Getting apps set up on my phone to limit screen time. COVID-19 rebooted old habits. My wife actually gave me a tip to get OFFTIME to work properly. On the older version I blocked everything and just let a few apps function. That breaks the new version. Now I just block the apps that get me in trouble (Facebook and Twitter. ;) ) I also installed an app that gives me stats on phone use.

    • I'm all set up to schedule and do remote customer interviews and have my first interview set up for this weekend and the next one is set up for Monday. I'm actually going to focus on interviewing all of my current users first and then start broadening my circle. I'm hoping I'll be able to roll on referrals for a long time. :)

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    all good! you're doing great! keep going!

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