March 23, 2019

Yo all, new Indie Hacker in the making!

Yassine Landa @YassineLanda

I just wanted to introduce myself to this awesome community: I am Yassine a Data Scientist trying to build an AI SaaS for the past 6 months!

I literally found out about Indie Hackers today and spent the day reading and reading posts, articles, comments... The amount of value here is just incredible!!

I think I will be hanging out here for a while during my "procrastination breaks"! I still have so much to learn to get my ideas to profitability and that's why I am here.

Very very excited to join, learn, add value and connect with all of you. Feel free to connect or drop me a message.

For the veterans in here, I have a question: how did being part of this community helped you in your journey?

Cheers & happy weekend to everyone!

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    Welcome 🙌

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    Welcome and excite to see what you build!!!

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