Yogurt CSS: A colossal low-level utility CSS framework for crafting beautiful and elegant user interface at an atomic level without writing

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    Are we going to see a tsunami of css frameworks now because Tailwind has successfully monetised?

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      I still don't get why people like these frameworks. Why are people so excited to basically move their css into their html?

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        As a solopreneur framework like Tailwind allow me to build front-ends quickly.

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          Might prefer taking a look at https://mkws.sh for solopreneurs. Simple, no bloat, static site generator.

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        They are not moving their css into their html per se. Tailwind is like a boilerplate or a framework for css design systems. Sure, with default values it seems like it's just moving css to html via classes, but they also add other very useful utils like hover/focus/responsive/grid etc. that make css cancer bearable.
        If you've worked in several companies that do heavy web development across many products you'd know, that basically every one of them reinvent the same stuff over and over again when they create their design systems - tailwind makes that easy and consistent.

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        I understand completely your point. I have some elements that have more css classes in them than actual html itself.

        For me the benefit is speed and doing the bulk of my work in the same "file".

        I 100% have to jump into my css for custom stuff but a lot of it is just margins, padding and flex box, which I find much quicker to handle in the markup.

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        I feel the same way here. Tailwind is still a bit foreign to me and I don’t feel comfortable doing all my styling in the same HTML file. 😬😬

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        Why are people so excited to basically move their css into their html?

        We found the excitement of moving it into our JavaScript was wearing off and needed a new high. 😂

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    As someone else mentioned, it’s very similar to tailwindcss. It seems to have “borrowed” the prefix: idea in particular from it.

    Curious to see how this would be used in practice.

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    Very interesting... so you wrapped every css property in a class?

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    Great resource!

    .... this gives me an idea 😉

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        Hmmm... never mind :(

        My idea was taken and it already solved the problem I was solving 😅

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        You'll see... I'll post about it on IH in a couple days :D

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    From the home page
    ... you can use <y></y> tags for almost anything.

    Not SEO friendly.

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      HTML and CSS tags are not the same. H1, H2, <strong> , <p> etc doesn't have nothing with css markup

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    it looks amazing, i'm wondering how your <y></y> might affect seo?

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      It will deffinately. But,I haven't built it.

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    Any sites that you know built using this framework?

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      I have been also.looking for them, but no success so far.

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    Looks really similar to TailwindCSS with more human readable class names. What's the key difference?

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      Looks like Tailwind written in SCSS instead of JavaScript.

      Great work @Michael_Andreuzza

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        Hey Josh, I haven't done built this! But, yeah stunning workm

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