You are missing out when you don't use AI for video creation. Read to see Top 3 ways one solution makes the innovations work for you

The future of video creation is already here, and we should benefit from it. I founded Elai.io with that thought in mind.

Nowadays, we all need videos - from start-ups to big corporations. We need product explainer videos, and we need HR Onboarding. Sure, the specifics of the need vary from one business to another. But at the core, it is all the same: we need videos.

Why spend so much time and costs on renting a studio, looking for and hiring actors, editing? Today we are lucky to relieve ourselves of hard work and create videos without shooting, special knowledge, and equipment. These are the innovations that you can benefit from now:

  1. Text-to-video.
    Our AI solution converts the text you type into speech, 40+ languages available. You can easily create a localized video that will appeal to your exact audience. If you ever need to translate an already existing video - our AI Dubbing technology can handle that.

  2. Digital avatar library.
    Having a person in a video increases viewers' engagement, and Elai.io lets you benefit from it without shooting an actor. The avatar in your video will speak everything you type in. Recently, we have uploaded our newest one, Jacob. I am very excited about how now you can even choose different expressions.

  3. Editing without reshooting.
    Our minds are not stagnant, and so are our ideas. Sometimes, you can find yourself wanting to take a different approach in your product video, for example. Our platform saves you from going through the whole shooting process again. Instead, log into your account, make the desired changes and re-render. As easy as pie.

Have I convinced you that the future is now? 😉

Please share your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions!

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    It’s a very interesting idea. I’m sure the tech is very early and encourage your efforts. I feel a bit of the uncanny valley effect, though. Have you looked into it and ways other industries overcome it?

    1. 1

      Thank you!
      Yes, as a start-up we are constantly working on the improvement of our avatars. For example, Jacob is part of the newest batch, and his movements and overall presence are improved. We are also collecting the feedback of our users for a better understanding of what needs to be improved.

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