Customer Research July 14, 2020

You only need these 2 tools for audience research and influencer marketing

Max Asper @Maxsper

These two tools are INCREDIBLE. Over here at Phlwyheel/Truly, we use them both a lot for client research and influencer marketing.

Let’s talk about Sparktoro first.

Sparktoro allows you to very accurately discover what your target audience members are reading, watching, listening to, and – perhaps most importantly – who they are following.

It saves you the time you’d otherwise spend probing the market, figuring out who your customers are via surveys, questionnaires, social posting, etc. It’s a great (and highly recommended) tool to use for narrowing down the audience you want to go after.

Say your audience is interested in ‘robotics’. Just type ‘robotics’ into the search bar, and it will give you A TON of information, like how big that audience is, who they follow, news organizations that are authorities on the subject, popular “hidden gem” social accounts, the websites they visit, the podcasts they listen to, YouTube videos they watch, where they are geographically located, and more!

Highly, highly, highly suggest checking out Sparktoro.

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Next up: What is Klear?

Klear allows you to search for influencers to help you market your product.

One thing you need to know about influencer marketing is there are different categories of influencers (i.e. micro-influencers, macro-influencers, etc.). If you’re just starting out, you don’t want to be targeting Instagram models with millions of followers. You need to start at the micro-influencer level.

For example, if you’re starting a niche glasses brand in the Southern California area, then you should be looking for micro-influencers in that area. Maybe a local musician with a couple thousand followers, or a local, beloved politician with a similar following.

Whatever you need, Klear can help you find it.

It’s a great way emerging brands can boost their exposure.

I hope these two tools will help you on your respective journeys! For more marketing resources, you can always check out, which we launched yesterday!

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    This is pure gold, thank you. I reached the limit of 10 searches per month on Sparktoro very quickly... Don't waste your searches if you don't need to upgrade to a paid account; and check your spelling before searching, ha, ha... The irony is that people do not like the idea of their data being sold to a third party, but we love websites that buy and sell the data.

    1. 2

      What product are you researching for?

      1. 2

        @Maxsper I reasearched the top categories in e-commerce (tech devices, beauty products etc.) to find websites and keywords I did not have. One of my tools uses the keywords to build better news feeds.

        1. 1

          Ahh that's very interesting. Checking out your product now!

    2. 2

      Happy I could help! So true re data.

    3. 1

      @technopreneur Sparktoro recently released some new updates for free searches that are covering the issues you spoke about. Spelling mistakes arent a death sentence anymore! Did you hear about that?

      1. 1

        @indigoblue I did not know... I guess if they give too much for free it makes their business model less effective and they are already giving a lot for free.

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    Amazing, I love Sparktoro!

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    Sparktoro has helped me so much with my marketing. I think it's awesome that Rand Fishkin is behind it :)

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      @randfish is incredible! Have you listened to this? Great tips on SEO marketing.