You Should Slow Down

My dancing teacher says that if we can’t do something slowly, we can’t do it fast. When we only dance a pattern fast, we probably hide errors. If we learn to dance it slowly, we can always speed up later.

This is one part of why we should take more time and slow down.

The other is that, although technology gives us more free time than ever, we cram this time full with other activities. This adds to our anxiety and stress, even if those activities are things that we enjoy.

Slowing down means to do fewer things overall, but more things that matter. To be less distracted and more conscious. Maintaining awareness and really enjoying what you are doing.

Rushing to work shouldn’t be the first thing we do each day. Take the time to do things slowly. Drink a cup of tea or go for a walk first. This sets the mood for your day.

Do you sometimes lie in bed at night, with thoughts popping up in your head? Slowing down before you go to bed is the perfect countermeasure for this. Don’t jump from the TV or PC directly into bed.

When you lie in bed, your mind has no distractions and comes to rest. Thoughts now have time to rise into your consciousness and prevent you from going to sleep. But if you slow down and become more mindful before going to bed, you’ll notice these thoughts earlier and can deal with them before trying to sleep.

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  1. 3

    I've been purposefully slowing down lately, it's been very helpful to prevent burn out.

  2. 3

    Woah, the first sentence is actually very thoughtful.

  3. 2

    The Navy SEALs have a similar saying:

    Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

    1. 2

      I like that!

      It's so interesting how the same advice seems to develop in many different places.

  4. 2

    Love your first line!

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