Design and UX February 27, 2020

Your instincts are not alone

Max Goldenberg @goldenmax

We created a tool where you can ask whatever you want when you need it. Your surveys will be answered while your audience is actually watching the video. Since we started, our customers are seeing up to 10x times increase in their completion rates. Amazing, isn’t it?

I know… Nowadays to be on point is a big challenge. There are a lot of different audiences out-there to talk to, and creating an engaging experience for them; it’s hard.

In the past, instincts were the way to go. That’s why the brands trusted most of the creative minds. Don’t get me wrong; I still think that your instincts are the most critical asset. Without that, it’s impossible even to imagine any campaign.

In the last years, Millenials and Gen Z grew old. Now they are on the right spot for the consumer approach. Their attention span is different from the previous generations, the way they communicate too.

We started Decision Mate under the premise to help creative teams to test their ideas before going live or to their clients using a language that new generations relate to naturally: video.

We talked with a lot of colleagues (you might be one of them!) to learn and understand how they test their work. The responses were almost the same: live (yeap… live!) or using the standard online survey tools.

Their engagement metrics were super low (close to 3%). I think that it is because you are asking someone to see something, remember everything and then answer your questions. Too much.

But that is not it: even when you get your audience (internal team or an external panel) completing your survey, there is another big problem. How do you process all the incoming feedback?

Trust me: I’ve been there so I can relate to your pain. Hundreds of emails with text… Spreadsheets with tons of responses for you to process, and then analyze.

Both sides of the table were unattended. We should help fix that gap.

Wait! That is not it! How did we solved the post-processing issue? Because the fun way of replying to any survey is just one side of the whole thing.

The good news is that we track everything. Whatever your audience do or write on your surveys, we process it and show it on a real-time dashboard.

Some features we added along the way:

  • Sentiment Analysis through the video: We built a graph where you can easily understand how your audience feels while they are watching your video. Pro tip: a lot of green is good ;)

  • Everything is processed: Don’t spend time doing what a computer can do for you. That is our motto. You ask, they respond, and we take care of the rest.

  • Machine-learning wisdom: To read every single free text is a nightmare. It is also time-consuming. News flash! We even extract relevant topics and sentiment for each answer using advanced machine learning algorithms, so you don’t have to read every single response.

Sometimes you don’t have anything to ask. You want them to fly-solo, watch the video, and send their thoughts. Well, we do the same thing with open feedback. We order them by time-code, so you will know when they commented. We also run our machine learning algorithms and give you the chance to filter by sentiment. We understand that all of us want to read the bad ones first… :P

(it’s too late, I know, because it’s the end of this post)

Our clients see 10x more engagement than their old testing-methods, they are experiencing way less friction with their clients because they now know what works and what doesn’t work.

If you are reading this far, first of all, THANK YOU for your time. I want to invite you to give us a spin. Let me know and I'll be more than happy to hook you up!