April 10, 2019

Your Productivity Stack

What is your productivity stack in 2019? Let me know what am I missing.

Be Focused -> Pomodoro timer
Shotty -> Screenshot menu bar app
Notion -> Google Docs, Trello and Excel in one
1Password -> No more password typing
Rescue Time -> Time management software analysis
Spectacle -> Window Management

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    Usual stack: Trello for a visual todo list, paperbook for jotting down the main to do list of the day, another paperbook for meeting and ideas, Notes for Mac (as a second brain), Dashlane as a password manager and of course some in-house automation scripts for everyday tasks.

    For focus, I would recommend Selfcontrol. It's a free website blocking tool, opensource, impossible to bypass contrary to a Chrome extension blocking app -> https://selfcontrolapp.com/ (for Mac). If you guys know how to block native apps too, I’m super interested by the way.

    Finally, some useful Chrome extensions:

    • Form filler, to fill all inputs with dummy data

    • Find and replace, to add this feature to your browser

    • Split tabs, to manage your tabs easily

    • Full Page Screen Capture, if you need to take clean screenshots of your browser window often

    • Mailmeteor, powerful mail merge tool (https://mailmeteor.com/)

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    Trello -> track ideas/tasks/bugs

    org-mode (emacs) -> everything else

    git -> no description needed :)

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      I've recently discovered org-mode and I am thankful I did! I am really liking the agenda/todo functionality.

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    Flux/Apple Night Shift -> warms up color of display at night

    Trello -> tracks tasks/ideas

    Apple Notes -> digital notebook for everything

    Google Docs -> collaboration on docs

    Noisli -> masks background noise to keep me focused

    Dropbox -> easy file sharing and storing

    Flycut -> clipboard manager

    Sip -> color picker

    Caffeine -> never puts my computer to sleep

    Pocket -> never forget about that article I stumbled upon

    Buffer -> social media scheduling

    Locko -> password manager

    Slack -> team communication

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    Coda -> for making small ad-hoc productivity tools

    Trello -> for project task keeping

    ThreeDo.app -> as a personal minimalist to-do, which is made by myself, by the way :)

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    CloudApp -> sharing gifs and screenshots to remote team

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    Spark -> Email + Calendar

    Todoist -> personal tasks

    Trello -> tasks for side projects

    Apple notes -> notes :)