Product Development March 31, 2020

You're confused about your competition

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    Yep! This is amazing insight. Most entrepreneurs don't struggle with potential customers going to competitors. They usually struggle with potential customers doing nothing.

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    It is always worth thinking about "why wont someone buy from me", and it could be they go to a competitor instead, or they can find a way to live without you. Also other people selling stuff may not be "competing" but supplementing. While there are 1000s of Javascript course that are competing, it wouldn't be crazy for two of them to be affiliates to each other, recommending each other as a complementary course.

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    A dentists competition is more likely to be someone’s fear of going to the dentist, than another dentist.

    Damnnnn. Felt like someone just threw a cold glass of water on my face when I read that.