May 6, 2019

You're never gonna think of plateau-breaking ideas while you're at 90,000 RPM...

Fotis Panagio @fotipanagio

"A lot of people tell me that if they're not working super-duper hard, they feel guilty, like they're lazy. And that's total bullshit. You shouldn't feel guilty because you're not constantly thinking about work. I felt like that for ten years and I just started getting over it in the last four or five months. You need to give your mind time to unplug because it's during those moments that it regenerates and it gives you that inspiration. You're never gonna think of plateau-breaking ideas while you're at 90,000 RPM. You're gonna burn out. I had to completely reshape my life. I don't wanna be a hypocrite, so I have to change myself if I wanna be able to help other people to change as well. I took it as a project to prove to myself that I'm not full of shit, basically. I'm going to the gym, I'm eating healthy. I'm working less hours but I'm not forcing it — it just works out that way because I'm generally a lot more focused now and mindful of what I'm working on. I'm even tracking things that have to do with my life, quantitatively. As a data-driven marketer, I'm always measuring business metric KPIs. Doing the same with my life motivates me to stick to it. That's just the way that I'm wired."⠀

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    Sounds like you did well! I would love to apply these teachings to my own case.
    However I can not work less than my company nees me to. Any ideas on that?
    Btw, are you freelanced or grinding the ol' 9 to 5?

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    Glad to hear the story and can say I relate to most of what you felt before your transformation!