May 17, 2019

YouTube Channel?

Williams Sissoko @Wcisco

I'm thinking of creating a Youtube channel to teach React, Apollo, and AWS. Any thoughts? Would it be useful to anyone?

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    I often watch Youtube video for building something :)

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    I have a channel. None of my competitors have their own channels or blogs, but they have other people making content using their tools. So until someone starts creating content for my tools I thought maybe I need to.

    Generally speaking, I feel you need to invest in content until you become popular, then others will write content leveraging your businesses popularity to increase theirs.

    The other thing for me is that my intended customers, developers, already know my competitors/alternatives, and they may be happy enough with what they have. But others that are not developers but are in IT or just tech enthusiasts, are not using my competitors tools or even know they exist.

    I've had some evidence of this with a few of my existing customers, they found my site through a video I made integrating my software with the server they intended to setup. Note: I have ~50 customers so not a large pool.

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      Hey Jab! Thanks for the advice, I already have one project that I specifically built for my channel, planning to release it in the coming week. I personally think 50 customers is still a big pool for your network, but my question is have you seen a positive return from investing in your content and customers?

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        I don't have any numbers that indicate conversion through my channel, so no positive ROI I can claim. For me it's a lead generation mechanism because Google will show my channel videos in search results way ahead of my actual website or blog posts.

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    There's definitely an audience for it on YouTube, so I'd say go for it if it's something you would enjoy to do. An example that comes to mind is Fireship, I think his videos are very well executed: short and informative with a touch of humor.

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    Do it, William, it will be useful to someone.

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    You'll have a lot of competition, but if you have your own spin you could do well.

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    Just a personal data point here, but I rarely watch YouTube for anything

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      Where do you go to learn new tech or other things?