Ideas and Validation September 25, 2020

YouTube content aggregator with valuable content


I'm creator of the Subbly app: where you can group your YouTube subscriptions, receive all notifications etc.

Recently, I was watching YouTube and noticed that all of the valuable (educational, self-development, tech, etc.) content was gone from recommended videos. Also, recently, I discovered a channel with 1M+ subs that was never recommended to me before.

This got me thinking, how much valuable content must be hidden from viewers by the YT algorithm....

App idea is simple: collect a group of valuable channels and present it to user as a video feed to watch. Users would be able to propose channels that they find valuable, but the final vote would be in hands of the community.

What do you think about such an app? Would you use it? Do you have any other ideas on how to improve the concept?

Would you use such an app?
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  2. Maybe
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    The concept is good, nowadays there's so much content produced every day that it's hard to find something valuable. On the other hand, I would 'worry' that the content might be biased after some time when the community grows.

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      I think it's a really cool idea, would provide value. I agree with @Michal_ though, if you can find a way to prevent content from becoming biased then it would be really cool.

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      What do you mean by being biased? I can imagine that the moderation of the platform might be biased, but having users do the voting should solve that problem, shouldn't it?

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        I think that it does not matter who's responsible for voting. You can imagine that some content might be considered 'valuable' by one group of users but not by the other. This system is not 'stable' in the meaning that after some time content will diverge in one direction. I don't say it's good or bad, you just need to keep in mind that giving away the voting power to users you basically give away the power to steer the platform in unknown direction.

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    I’m actually building something similar with Tube Hunt. I realise there are a lot of great content not presented to us so I wanted to build a community based platform where people can submit channels they find valuable and vote on them.

    Check out the beta version of the chrome extension we built.

    Also you can follow the project on our subreddit.

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      You need to get control of that subreddit, it just looks like a dumping ground for people spamming their videos.

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        How do you suggest I do it? I kinda enforce the rules as well but not that many people are posting. Maybe the idea is not that valid?

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          I would just get data for suggestions from the entire website, across all subreddits.

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      That's actually really cool to see somebody else also noticing something's wrong with the YT algorithm. I will give it a try :)
      If you needed any help or wanted to collaborate on something related with this topic, please let me know. I already have some handy software to leverage YouTube API and Google PubSubHubbub.

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        Yea certainly would love to discuss more with you! Shout me an email at [email protected]

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    I thought YouTube already has a feature to notify you of new videos by channels you subscribed. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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      That's correct, but those notifications are still based on YouTube algorithm rather than your preferences. Using Subbly you can actually see how many notifications are not pushed to you.

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    How about adding a feature to hide some of the content? For sure a particular user will like only part of the content presented in the app so it would be good to unsubscribe.

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      That's actually a great idea, thanks!

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