Productivity March 30, 2020

Zaps to double my productivity

Kuldip Gill @Silverback23

I built a zap to send me hourly check in emails during my working hours.

I get an hourly email sent to me and the subject line would be, for example, "9-10AM March 26" and the body of the email would say "What did you get done in the last hour, reply back to this email and we will add it to your daily worksheet."

Once I reply back to the email, my Zap (Zapier) will take the content of the email and add it to a table:

9AM-10AM: did some stuff
10AM-11AM: did some more stuff
4PM-5PM: did some other stuff and ended my work day

And at the end of my day, I get a daily summary.

Let me know if you guys want me to set you up too!

Stay safe!!

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    The one thing I know is that everybody has to find the most appropriate method for him and don't use a lot of different instruments. It's really good that you found such an interesting way to keep yourself productive.

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      Thanks! If you're interested, let me know and I can get you going with it too!!

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    That's interesting!

    I do a similar thing with Todoist to force me to single task: whenever I start working on a task, I add a comment with the outcome I want to achieve when marking the task as done, and when I finish I write the actual outcome.

    What you do sounds like an automated version of that, awesome!

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      Thanks! Let me know if you'd like met to set you up with it too!

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    I love this idea! Not just for the productivity tracking, but for other reminders (ie. get up and stretch). I zone out when I work and often don't realize how much time I spend on a single problem. If I have occasional nudges, it might remind me to switch gears every now and then.

    Great tip!

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      They work as long as you're committed and accountable. You've got commit to replying back to the email and if you cc or bcc a teammate, you're accountable too. I can get you going too, my email is in my profile. Cheers and stay safe!

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