April 12, 2019

Zero to $1M - Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund) on her first $1M in startup investments

David J. Phillips @davj

Elizabeth started her founder career bootstrapping a various web apps and then started and sold her venture-backed startup LaunchBit. She has founded TheHustle.co and reviewed over 20k startup pitches and made hundreds of investments as a partner at 500 Startups and most recently as General Partner and founder of HustleFund.vc She shares what she’s learned along the way on the podcast:

Podcast App: http://podcast.app/elizabeth-yin-general-partner-founder-hustle-fund-e56550190/?share=ios

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6n3npG6B1g7xPYLCjqh83s?si=HmLspIULQ9OxW__nk9CS-w

RSS: https://feeds.simplecast.com/ykZAwoVb

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    Will check this one today on my way home, I have been listening the IH podcast back to back for the past week and a halve so I'm going to take a break from that one. : )

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      IH podcast is the best! Thanks for checking it out :)

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