Zoom but you can Walk between Rooms

I have recently been using https://orbital.chat/ for a few meetups and it's insanely fun, built by someone in my hometown Bristol, UK 😎 It almost adds a third dimension to your audio chat, enabling users to move around a customisable board.

Orbital Example

As you approach other users, their audio becomes louder and you can listen to or join their conversations. Board locations can act as hyperlinks to websites or git repos. I know there are a few other platforms out their similar to this where you even have a 64bit avatar (perhaps slightly less "professional").

What do people think? Is this the future of virtual group communication? Does anyone know of any similar platforms that I should check out? I am yet to try Clubhouse :/

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    There's so many tools out there.

    My preference these days are audio tools that free me up to do other things rather than being attached to screens as much. Clubhouse is interesting from this perspective, if you choose rooms carefully. But personally, I'm holding out for Twitter Spaces.

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      I definitely hear you on the screen attachment point.
      So, Ric, you've just spent all day on Zoom calls? Wanna hang out and meet some people this evening? Here's a zoom link 💻

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    these things are so interesting to me.

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      100%, seems like there's so much potential for growth. Throw in some VR into the mix and we'll all be "walking" around conference halls or house parties :)

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