Zuwanu The Biggest Marketplace in Africa

Am 27 years Okechukwu Faith Onyedikachi (Faithee) CEO and founder of Zuwanu Market Enterprises (www.zuwanu.com) A Nigerian from Imo state years back i Observed how difficult it is for an average African man to project his or her commodities and products to the community and sell them Easily.

i also noticed that the few existing E commerce companies owned by Foreigners do not actually care on the quality of goods and services which they sell to the masses at high costs. i became sleepless and started working on ways to solve this issue to enable common man from any African village sell his crafts to people Around him and across his country with the speed of light and cheaper, as Almost all our goods and services came from China and America.

In 2018/2019 I developed And launched the website zuwanu which is dedicated to promotion of African made products and their producers a subsidiary to Anythingnaija.
Zuwanu is a launchpad from which buyers can comfortably order and buy and even connect with manufacturers, distributors and inventors of Goods and services. as a customer to seller connection tool In a bid to ensure customer safety zuwanu ensures her visitors safety first before anything.
Sellers Authentication

all products listed on the website undergoes series of Tests to ensure that they are exactly what the seller presents to ensure customer happiness. This solves a case were customers buy Product A+ and and Gets Product C-4 which is way inferior zuwanu stands to make sure it crashes many online scams caused by carelessness of vendors who don’t listen to plights of end users for authentic products.

Zuwanu is working hard to present Africans safe heaven 1 central market system where all Africans will be connected to one marketplace and they transact with each other irrespective of tribes or nationality with ease and trust because we are all Africans from anywhere in the world and from any internet enabled devices and will soon have offline malls for vendors who don’t actually need to own a physical store though its not easy but the company management are sure of the plans.

In zuwanu you can buy and sell all kinds of legal goods and services, stores and brands even individuals can list their services and goods on the website and sell directly or Contact one another directly to transact business.

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