My first dollar on the Internet 💵

This week I made my first dollar on the Internet without expecting it.

I was writing an e-book about how to not waste your time on Twitter because I had that problem.

So that e-book became a guide to how to take profit of your Twitter account with a 360 degree change.

But I was doing nothing with that piece of Google Docs, so I thought: I will put it on Gumroad, I'm not losing anything.

After that I made a Twitter thread with an extract of the e-book to see if people would like it or not, the answer was yes. You can read the thread here.

I'm hyped and happy looking forward to learning and sharing my journey with y'all, if you are curious you can check how the e-book is going here. I'm updating it with new stuff.

Actually you can check my sales on Gumroad :) 3 Techniques to Rocket Launch your Twitter Account

Any feedback is welcome.

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    @Teodora I added a link to this post in the Indie Founder Bootcamp, because this is a perfect example of starting tiny and leveling up. Congrats!

    1. 2

      Thanks for your support! Can you share the link of your post with me?

      1. 2

        Yep, it's inside the bootcamp on the second page which is here:



        1. 2

          I can't find it, but anyway, thanks!

          1. 2



            It's in recommended reading in the context lesson at the end of section 2.

            1. 2

              Cool! Thanks for your support :)
              I just had to login.

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