October 12, 2019

🍾 30 Hour Jobs V2 Launch!

Nicholas Rempel @nbrempel

After many hours of work, I'm excited to finally make the new version of 30 Hour Jobs live!

The experience is designed to be much more cohesive. I hope that the changes will make the site easier and more enjoyable to use for both job seekers and employers.


Please let me know what you think!

  1. 2

    The site looks good! Tailwind is awesome, huh?

    I'd consider adding a way to filter based on location (or remote).
    Have you considered scraping jobs from other sites as well?

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yes Tailwind is fantastic.

      Yeah a search or filter is definitely on the todo list.

      Interesting idea scraping other job sites - currently I do manual work to curate the jobs but it would be nice to automate this. If I could maintain a high bar for the quality of job posts and companies I would consider it!

  2. 1

    Love the bold & clear styling! Very nice on the eye