December 28, 2019

Migrated blog to main site

Nicholas Rempel @nbrempel

I've just finished migrating the 30 Hour Jobs blog to the main website from a separate subdomain running Ghost. I'm still using Ghost as a headless CMS and using the content API to query the data before rendering the pages.

I hope to improve the SEO ranking of the site but merging the two sites into one. This also gives me more control over the design of the site and allows me to optimize more for visitors to see recent job posts.

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    I'm no way an SEO expert but I've had this "problem" two times in the past. I started with and then switched to

    Each time I saw a slight decrease in search traffic followed by an increase.
    Here is a blog post from Moz about this:

    TLDR: "I can't tell you how many times we've seen and we've actually tested ourselves by first putting content on a subdomain and then moving it back over to the main domain with Moz. We've done that three times over that past two years. Each time we've seen a considerable boost in rankings and in search traffic, both long tail and head of the demand curve to these, and we're not alone. "

    Hope it will help you!

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      Thanks @KevinSahin! That article is a great resource! I’m feeling good about the change and looking forward to seeing the results.

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    Curious to see the results if you discover any changes!

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      I'll be sure to share any benefits I see from the migration!