September 25, 2019

Closing down. Fun times. Good lessons learned.

Justin Richards @rastrent

This last year has been awesome, stressful but super fun. I set out to do something that seamed a bit crazy at first but ended up building it. Though I quickly learned the saying "the more code you write, the more you have to manage" came true for me.

Building a service like this has been super tough on the side with kids and a full time job. I spent a lot of nights and weekends working on it only to realize that it wasn't worth the time I was spending.

Primarily though I felt as though couldn't be as available as I wanted to be. Given that I'm essentially managing someones money (although it doesn't always feel like real money in crypto) I felt like I needed to be readily available to tackle problems that came up in a timely manner, as may affect the financial performance of a portfolio.

Other things were pilling on as well. The service that I had built on was shutting its doors US customers. Legally things have been getting weird in the space as the normal financial world tries to figure out what the hell crypto is and what to do with it. This was creating some legal overhead I was seeing in the short term if I moved forward, to cover my bases.

If I was working for myself as in previous years I potentially could sustain the near term work to get it through, but it just wasn't worth it.

This experience has pushed be to better define what I want in this season and set expectations for whats possible with my time. In general I've started to build a framework to push my ideas through and use that as the base criteria before I work on the next thing.

🍺 Here's to learning, growth and charting a new path forward! 🍺

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