September 12, 2019

1700+ Alpha Subscribers!

Alessandro Stigliani @NxAlessandro

Product Hunt is one of the most peculiar places in the web product and marketing landscape, we launched our alpha last week on PH and were pretty surprised with the results we got so far.

In one month we grew from 500 to 1700+ users on our alpha! Obviously PH had a huge role in this outcome, even after our launch last week users keep coming and subscribing on our landing page and we still have a quite nice daily traffic on our LP (around 300/day).

Obviously finishing 2nd of the day has probably a big impact on those metrics, but for the long trend finishing in the top 10 of the week is also an objective worth taking into consideration!

Getting this much traffic and subscriptions on this short period of time had a very beneficial impact:

  • We discovered that our current AWS setup its handling pretty quite well this kind of volume
  • More than 160 users sent us feedback (We’re glad we moved our survey on our platform)
  • We have a clear view of the back and front errors that need to be fixed
  • Since we don’t charge money for our solution during this alpha, we can’t say we found market fit but we clearly have some market interest and this gave us a great confidence/morale boost.

Key takeaway: Having a lot of followers on social networks does not equate to having an interested and committed audience that would jump through hoops if you say so. The three of us has less than 300+ follower combined on Twitter still we got more upvotes (and quality ones) than other products launched by « bigger » players.

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