August 19, 2019

20 Customer Discovery Calls

Alessandro Stigliani @NxAlessandro

To better understand the current challenges our prospect userbase is currently facing, we initiated one month ago a round of discussions with CMO's, acquisition experts & founder's from a wide range of company sizes.

Reach our network (Mostly Linkedin & Friends) to set-up 30min Google Hangout call with ideal customers.


  • Easy to Medium
  • Mostly time-consuming
  • Doing this during summer is a challenge by itself (a lot of people are OOF especially in Europe)
  • Defining ahead the topics needed to be covered during these interviews is also a great exercise > this will put you in the shoes of your prospects.


  • Validate our current alpha build
  • Prioritize our roadmap for the Beta release
  • Discover new pain-points and challenges we did not think of
  • Get insights on possible pricing models

Talking with a wider range of company sizes gave us a better understanding of marketing pain-points companies are facing at each step of their growths.

Having real discussions with people greatly helped to shape our sales pitch and how to shift-it for different types of prospects.

There are some specificities between B2C and B2B types of companies, mostly around the acquisition channels they are targeting and how they address their userbase.

Our product vision did not pivot but the timing for each feature releases has been ordered differently to enhance our go-to-market strategy.


  • Add 20 more interviews to our backlog
  • Get more B2B type of businesses

These types of interviews should not be about your product, but about their current working process & pain-points = LISTEN

Keep in mind the topics you wish to cover (print your topics on a sheet of paper) and jump between topics while keeping the discussion as fluid as possible = This is a discussion, not an interrogatory.

The first interviews will seem a bit weird, but as you practice your discussion flow will improve greatly (you won't need that sheet of paper anymore)

Keep track of every discussion by taking notes and store them/rank them/... = We use Airtable to arrange and track everything.

Use Calendly to ease-up the meeting scheduling (Doing everything by hand is very ineffective and results in many email back-and-forths)

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