January 20, 2020

Putting it out there on Indie Hackers!

Jack Lyons @Adventureinmyveins

I was inspired after listening to the latest podcast with Pete Codes @petecodes of No CS Degree - his story just gave me such massive motivation to simply get off the ground and ship my site.

I have no idea where I really want to take AIMV, but the basic idea is to just create engaging, inspiring content that helps others (and myself) learn how to build a location independent lifestyle. I've already interviewed some incredible "digital dirtbags" and so grateful for them taking the time to share their stories with me.

After building my site from scratch over the past month I think it's now time to share what I'm doing so that others can benefit!

If there are any rock climbing Indie Hackers out there who would like to share their story with my audience then I'd love to hear from you!

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