October 14, 2019

First 100 Subscribers!

Henry Garrett @garretthenrym

We have reached our first subscriber milestone just a few short weeks after launching! It took a lot of hustling, but I am proud to say we have hit 100 subscribers for Album Daily (www.albumdaily.com).

Reaching this milestone has taught me just how hard it is to gain customers, and that you need a well thought out customer acquisition strategy in order to sustain growth. That is exactly what we are working on now.

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      Thanks @ndorrell!

      We do a mix of Social Media Marketing and targeted Reddit posts at the moment. The social media aspect has been pretty good, getting able to get one LinkedIn post in front of around 2,000 people. However, it seems that more conversions have come from Reddit, which I was advised to do by a fellow Indie Hacker.

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        Can you tell us a little bit more about reddit? I was struggling to do any marketing there because this resource is very intolerant to any promotions :(((

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          Hi @Zencentric! Our Reddit journey is very new, as we just started recently, but from that experience, I have found it important to post relevant content to the community. So, for Album Daily, I would make a post in the subreddit for the artist that is our daily album, saying that we featured this artist today.

          Another one is to find my target audience by looking for posts where people are asking for new ways to find music. Then I can post my solution, as it directly addresses their problems!

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            Hi, thanks for your response!
            I totally agree about the content should be relevant and useful. But from my experience, some subreddits are crazy unfriendly about any promotional content no matter how useful and relevant it is including free stuff.

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              I understand! I'll need to be careful when doing posting then. Simple wording changes can make the post seem like less of a sell, which helps me. For example, saying something in a subreddit for an artist like "ArtistX was featured on Album Daily today!" is a non-pushy way to get people to the site, and so far no moderators have complained.

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