October 11, 2019

Feature: Route Custom Domains to Workers Processes

Ryan M @rmccullagh

I love talking to users and customers because building things that people can find useful is what motivates me. Recently I talked to an amazing customer who has been providing the most outstanding feedback I could ask for.

What are Workers

Amezmo provides "Workers", which are long running processes. These are generally background processing programs, email queues, image processing jobs, among other use cases. The Laravel PHP framework modernized the Asynchronous worker pattern by making it simple to dispatch jobs onto a queue. Amezmo manages logging, reloading, stopping, and monitoring of background workers from one simple dashboard.

The Feature

Another use case for a worker process is a WebSocket server. Naturally, you'd want to expose a WebSocket server to the Internet so your web application can consume messages from it. Amezmo is now capable of routing your domains directly to your worker processes.

What I learned

Putting oneself in the shoes of the end user gives perspective into the utility of the product.

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