September 29, 2019

Horizontal Scaling, What?

Ryan M @rmccullagh

I released an incredible feature today. This feature allows you to launch server instances dedicated to one specific part of your infrastructure stack.

Run MySQL in a dedicated server instance, and access it from your front-end HTTP instance. The best part? IT'S SECURE!

No running IPTables. Every customer of Amezmo gets a /24 block in a private subnet. This means NO OTHER customers can access your instances.

Other use cases:
Dedicated Laravel Queues.
This would require a single instance of Redis running. Amezmo now supports choosing the software you'd like to run on your instance.

I'm very excited about this feature because it brings so many great things in the hands of customers. Private, secure networking between your instances is very important to me, a security conscious developer and founder. I do not want customers pinging other boxes that aren't theirs.

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