December 5, 2019

HN results & launch on Reddit

Senko Rašić @senko

The Show HN from a few days ago was quickly buried under new submissions. Although it did get a few upvotes in the end, it was too slow to reach the front page, so the reach was pretty limited - I'll probably resubmit in a couple of weeks.

Still, it was on Show HN page for two days, I got a few visits and about 30 new projects created, and one insightful comment/suggestion.

Yesterday I posted it to /r/django. It's a smaller, more focused community, with less content so more chance to stay visible longer. I got a decent uptake there, some great comments, about 40 new projects created, and some bugs discovered :)

So far, the results are as can be expected (though I had hoped for more feedback from the HN community). Since the project is public now, I expect to get a (very) small amount of traffic, comments and bug alerts as I go along updating it to the full SaaS version, to be released some time in January if everything goes as planned.

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