Launched on Product Hunt

I finally put AskMakers on Product Hunt!
The purpose of this is to get attention and validate the product.
Many people cooperate with me so far.
I really appreciate it!
@mijustin @hyperyolo @1hakr @shyamady
Thank you so much.
It means the world to me🙏

Please check it out on Product Hunt guys.

Thank you

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    I saw your comment in PH about making it the Quora for makers. Please consider:

    1. while it wont be easy to make a fair system for vote-weighting, such as StackOverflow and Quora, Reddit have, at the very least, more than one person should be able to answer a question. (You'll get far, far better answers when there are several for people to vote up/down.)
    2. be careful with deeming people experienced makers based on really weak signals. One of the things we like best about IndieHackers, for example, is how we can see what people have done. This is what helps in deciding to trust their advice.
    1. 1

      Hi, osakasaul.
      Thank you for your comment and advice!

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    Congratulations bro!

  3. 1

    How successful do you need to be in order to be considered a maker?

    1. 2

      Hi, Primer! Thank you for your comment!

      successful is not defined clearly. This is really subjective this time😄
      But if I can make a living only with the revenue from my own products, I think I am successful as an indie maker.

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