January 17, 2020

Launched the first landing page

Daniel @tovissy

In October finally updated the existing placeholder for the https://www.aswethink.com/ presentation home page, and created some diagrams presenting the overall concept of the entire AsWeThink ecosystem as envisioned, including the AsWeThink platform.

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    this project still active? exactly what i need

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      Yes, it is. Can you be more specific about "exactly what i need", provide some details about what you are looking for? Cheers

      1. 1

        I have a scattered ADHD mind that is hard to organize :P
        And as a creative and visual thinker, I have yet to find a product where I can juggle my multiple projects as there is overlap and cross-linking between them. My difficulty is that my projects span across multiple domains of activity (both digital and physical products for example). I need to use kanban, wiki and mindmapping/concept maps simultaneously. cheers.

        1. 1

          Hi, sounds like we share quite approaches and challenges. I would like to learn more about your challenges, but from what you wrote, it seems we should discuss this further. Are you up for a private chat or a call?

          As a fierce tool/product curator (digital hunter & gatherer), I might be able to suggest some alternative solutions as well. Cheers,

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            Hello Daniel, I've been kind of unplugged lately. I feel I'm stuck at square one / organizing phase, struggling to map out my multiple projects and start getting my hands dirty. If you have a moment I would be interested in chatting a bit more about your app and other solutions. Thanks.

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            "digital hunter & gatherer" - oh yes. I relate. In which bookmarks manager app do I collect all bookmarks manager apps bookmarks. ;)
            Sure let's talk

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