July 13, 2020

Got featured by Apple in 112 countries

David @Zwenza

It's been a while since I shared a milestone on IH but it hast been quite a journey!

The last time I posted was for our first 13 paid users and 1500 downloads. Back than this was quite amazing but we put in a lot of work and achieved something incredible.

By now we have around 250.000 downloads worldwide and we are closing in on our first 1.000 active paid users!! 🤯

End of Feburary we got featured the first time by Apple in Canada and South Korea in a small sub-category. To be honest, we were super excited about this but quickly disappointed. The conversion was super low and we didn't even get a lot of downloads. Probably this was because we were hidden away in the sub-category and also we didn't have translations for Korean.

After that I focused a solid two months on marketing Avocation and building organic traffic. I summarised everything I've learned in this post I published a few weeks ago: https://medium.com/better-marketing/how-i-scaled-our-app-from-0-to-100000-downloads-7b88e5bce354?source=friends_link&sk=b177b66cf4922b1c5e20b4d595f7396e

Fast forward a couple months we managed to grow Avocation a lot! We currently get around 4000-5000 downloads a day just by being ranked very high in the Play Store and App Store for our most important keywords.

In addition to that Apple reached out to us and is helping us improving our app by providing valuable feedback based on their huge knowledge about what works in apps and what doesn't work.

Two weeks ago I reached out to Apple again and gave them a notice that we added six new translations to Avocation to make it accessible to even more users!

And last Friday we got the notice that we got featured in 112 countries around the world in the category "Apps We Love Right Now"!!

Of course our downloads skyrocketed again in the last couple days, which is simply incredible.

When we started working on Avocation a year ago, we would have never dreamed of what we are currently achieving. It literally changed our lives in just six months after release... 🎉

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