December 20, 2019

Launched our MVP

David @Zwenza

After we launched Avocation for Android earlier this week, also Apple approved our App for the App Store and we started launching Avocation for Android and iOS! After half a year of hard work on the App we finally released this project we are so passionate about.

Check it out!

We are very excited about the future!

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    Here is my review about the app: (Android)

    a. Animation/Graphics overall. The design language is playful but not dumbing down. It successfully puts forth a subtle playful aesthetic that isn't looking childish or too bubblegum-ish.
    The addition of sapling growing, the intent of adding few design easter eggs such as not enough water to run the tap below (I'm guessing you intend on filling it as I fill the habits consistently)

    b. The categories. You've pretty much covered most of them. Which can be a bad thing, but the way you've categorized the habits that's good.

    a. The knowledge center is misleading. When you put up a thumbnail and the time below it, it seemed like an animated video version, rather than text. I understand you wanted to put time similar to Medium, etc. but I was disappointed to read text, while I was expecting a video similar to Kurzgesagt videos.
    b. The units. You've added multiple categories of habits but no differentiation in units (to track). For example, I want to have a habit of drinking water, I might drink 100ml, 500ml, etc. Same applies for lets say meditation. I want to track how many minutes I've spent on it. I hope you are getting my point.
    c. Your tracking isn't letting me select routines, reminders that are recurring. Eg., meditation, drinking, food, etc that recur more than once in a single day, I wasn't able to do that, unless I create individual habits for them.

    Good to have:
    a. If you've a widget that'd be great, to tap on habits on home screen itself
    b. When i remove my tracking, or habit, the graphic in the reports tab isn't updated back to the broken jar image. I know this might not be the target for the MVP, but just suggesting it as a good to have.

    Overall, nice work! Looking forward to see more.

    P.S. Any reason you chose Avacado? and is the title meant to be Avacado + nation?

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      Hey akrsna, thank you for your great feedback!

      First let me answer your question about the name 😄
      This is how Wikipedia describes an avocation:
      "An avocation is an activity that someone engages in as a hobby outside their main occupation"

      We thought that combined with a plant (Avocado) is perfect fit for our goal: Personal Growth

      You have some really great ideas, we will address them in our next updates! The Learning section could be indeed misleading. I think for now we will add something like "3-4min read" to address this.

      We though about units as well but currently decided to go the most simple and easy to use way of just allowing you to add a daily goal. This could be anything. Actually I have a "Drink water" habit myself and what I use it like "1 click = 1 glass of water". We are already thinking about adding a "Timer" habit that let's you track time over the day on it. This would be especially useful when you do your habit multiple times a day for some minutes. So stay tuned for the next updates!

      For your last suggestion we intended the "Anytime" routine for such cases. But you have a good point here. We will consider allowing you to add the same habit to multiple routines! Definitely makes sense for me 🙂

      At some point we will look into widgets for sure, but that might still take a while since our development team is just me 🙃

      Thanks again for your great feedback, I really love getting responses like this!

      1. 2

        @zwenza I loved the branding and thought it was a very clever derivative of an avocation as you described above.

        I have only delved into a few screens and am already really impressed with the quality of the UI.

        I had no problems with the learning centre being text - I loathe unnecessary video. I wanted to swipe through the cards like a carousel.

        Do you plan to give people a way to log instances of bad habits? It seems you are heading this way from the phrasing in the Recognize 3rd card.

        1. 1

          Thanks! Making the articles swipe-able is on our list already, as well as giving users a proper way to deal with "bad habits". We want to properly think about a good way to tackle this, because getting rid of bad habits is a lot more complicated than just "stop doing something". But this is definitely planned for the future as well! 🌟

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    Can you talk a bit about your front-end stack? The app is really impressive. Using ionic, react native or true native iOS/Android app?

    1. 1

      Sure! Avocation is a React Native App which uses a ton of native Libraries to make it feel like it does right now. I chose RN because I am doing Frontend Development for multiple years professionally already, mostly with React. So with all that experience I could really focus on the product instead of the stack.

      I spend a lot of time on “small” things that people may think are irrelevant, but every little thing sums up to something bigger and in the end our goal is to provide a better user experience than other apps. So looking back I think everything was totally worth it.

      If you have any more questions you can also send me a mail, I am happy to elaborate more 😅

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    This is definitely in the Minimal Lovable Product zone with the quality of implementation and the degree of polish of the consistent UI.

    1. 1

      We are glad you like it 🙇‍♂️
      This was a lot of hard work behind the scenes polishing the UI like this (a lot of reworks still during we did the MVP), so we are happy that people recognise this 💫

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    Sincere congrats - I know how hard it is to get over that first milestone of store submission.

    I really like your app store photos - made me realise I need to drastically revise the Touchgram ones as I was literally posting screenshots.

    As most of the action is within the iMessage app, those iPhone shots are very boring and probably discourage a lot of people! The iMessage ones aren't much better but at least show the app in action

    1. 1

      Thanks @AndyDent!
      Yes, I think the App Store screenshots are a very important tool to catch the attention of your potential users. It already helps putting them into a phone frame, adding some color and a small headline. You can actually do a lot with screenshots!

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    Love the design!

    1. 1

      Thank you! 🙇‍♂️

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    Hey really cool user interface, colours and graphics. I had a play around and intend to use it all week before I give any in-depth feedback.
    A couple of quick questions

    • When creating a habit what does the daily goal number represent? Number of times in a day? How does the notifications work for 10 sets of pushups during the day? Is it one notification?
    • I set a couple of habits for weekdays and today is Saturday, although they are not set for today I was hoping to be able to see them still. I actually thought it would be cool to over achieve or simple have the option to complete a habit on a day I haven’t set.

    Thank you for sharing and congratulations on getting your idea out into the wild!

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot @AdamWilliamson!
      Looking forward getting your in-depth feedback, and have fun using Avocation your first week! 🥑

      The daily goal represents how many times per day you want to click this habit to complete it. The "unit" you can choose yourself. Your habit could be "Do 10 pushups" or "Do pushups" and repeat them 10 times. Avocation will send you a notification for you habit (if you set up a reminder), if you didn't (fully) complete the habit until the time you set the reminder, to make sure you do not forget about it!

      Previewing upcoming habits if you do not have anything scheduled today is a very good idea! We will definitely look into this suggestion.

      Thanks a lot already, and I am looking forward getting more feedback from you! 🙇‍♂️

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