August 12, 2020

My side project got acquired 🎉

Samuel Briskar @Semy

My side project Bannerium got acquired.


  • I got the lead from SaaS Place
  • I can't tell you the number, but it covered the costs and gave me some extra money to play with other things. No, I am not millionaire :-)
  • My personal goal of building the product from scratch was achieved, which is the biggest value for me.
  • Huge thanks to the Lunadio community, in which @tmvst @ctw helped me along the way. To be honest: It was my first online SaaS product.
  • I am currently building ThreeDee - Lovely 3D illustrations libraries for your projects

If you want to read the whole story, here it is


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    Congrats! Was the lead post-COVID or did you start the process before the pandemic hit?

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      To be honest, it was during the hardest lockdown period in Europe.

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    Congratz Samuel ! 🎉🎉

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      Thanks Nicolas! :)

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    Wow! congrats

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      Thanks a lot! :)

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    Great news, congratulations 🎉!!! and thank you for sticking it out. You have just motivated me! 💪🏾

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      That's nice! :-) Happy to help

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    That's a great plugin! Well deserved, congrats!

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      Thank you so much! :)

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    Congratulations Semy!

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      Thanks a lot Alex! :)

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    Congrats!! :D

    Happy to see that was helpful!

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      We launched our products the same day on Product Hunt and it helped the same day :-)

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        Haha very cool :)

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    Congrats, your story inspires me to keep moving forward with my current project.

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      Happy to hear that :-)

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      Thanks :-)

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      Many thanks :-)

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    Where did you starg promoting your content? 😨😨😨

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      What content do you think?

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        I mean, what techniques did you use to get known your side project to the world?

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          Mainly Facebook groups / reddit groups, etc. I wrote an article about this I got 400 signups with a video of a product that didn’t exist

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            Thanks for sharing!

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    Congrats! It's a huge accomplishment to build something so valuable that someone else wants to acquire it. Enjoy this moment and then chase the feeling!

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      Thanks! I have to admit, that I had the "happy tear" that I was able to finish the product. I was horrible at finishing things. I believe is more personal win :P

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    This is incredible Samuel!!

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      Thanks Preet! :)

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      Thanks a lot!

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    Hey Congrats!! Could you give any clue about legal aspects of such transactions? Do we need to incorporate (assuming deal is in 5-6 figures)? How do you set up contract etc. Again, congrats well done

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      Thanks! All the legal stuff was on the 2nd side, but I assume they were pretty light in comparison to other deals. I didn't sell the a nuclear power plant. Just my small side project :-)

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    Where were you in 2015. I was working on a travel agency and creating adsense banners on a daily basis it was taking half of my day. I've tried to come up with my own action sets, but this is looking far better.


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      Timetravel needed!

      I started with the script, but the problem needed a more powerful solution. I hope the solution will help designers to do more creative work.

      Thanks! :)

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    Great work. Feels good to sell something that you created. Even if it's not life changing money.

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      That's true! It finished for me as a little win.

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    Congratulation!!! @Semy. I tried Bannerium for one of project in Photoshop but latter moved to Sketch. Good luck with ThreeDee, it's looking awesome too :)

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      Thank you @Andy77! I will do my best :P

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