July 11, 2020

SEO is back on track & breaking revenue records

Dean Fankhauser @bomeandean

I mentioned a month ago that we took a massive SEO hit after making URL changes at www.bitcompare.net. We knew we'd take a hit, but didn't expect it to be so big.

It definitely shook us but we've invested in high quality content and pages so I was fairly confident it'd bounce back eventually.

The good news is that it hasn't just caught up to where we were, it's now really starting to blow past it.

We made the changes because our URL structure wasn't scaling for a much larger site that we've been planning to launch. The URLs weren't logical and it didn't make sense for a lot of our landing pages.

The idea was that it would be short term pain for long term gain. Let's see if that holds true.

In case anyone else is going through a similar thing, feel free to reach out and I'll happily advise.

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