October 9, 2019

200+ New Subscribers from Pocket Hits!

I read Pocket Hits almost every day and it's one of the only emails that I'm subscribed to.

Today, I woke up to it in my inbox, but this time it was titled with my article: https://imgur.com/a/lHokev7

I literally thought I was dreaming (partially since I just woke up and partially because I normally only see articles from large publishers like Fast Company in there) but clicked through and saw over 100 live readers in my analytics. One of my subscribers actually reached out to let me know as well! https://imgur.com/a/k2yGvrQ

So far, 17k people have read it through Pocket alone, leading to over 200 more subscribers. 8 hours later, there are still over 100 active readers. It's so crazy what kind of traffic a single newsletter can drive!

If only every day started like today. 😄

Here's the link to the email for those curious! https://getpocket.com/explore/pocket-hits/2019/writing-is-thinking-learning-to-write-with-confidence-21244

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