Blogging Guide Launches YouTube Channel

For nearly a year I had thought about creating a YouTube channel with informational content on blogging.

However, I didn't like the idea of constantly filming myself and having to upload, edit, and promote videos.

So I knew if I did create a YouTube channel it would need to consist of a different format.

A couple months ago I decided to start experimenting with a "no code" animation software. I quickly began making videos for fun. But I also realized that quick, useful, and animated videos could be produced to market my newsletter to a new audience.

So I launched my channel:


It only has a few videos so far but I plan to add more. So please be sure to subscribe!

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    Hey Casey! I saw that you have pretty nice thumbnails, and use a YouTube software that I purchased awhile back for the videos. It's good to see that software effectively in use. Do you create your own YouTube thumbnails or do you outsource those to Upwork or Fiverr?

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      Thanks! Yeah I love Doodly! I only have the most basic version but at $40 for lifetime access I bought it with the intention of learning it over time! Such a great deal.

      As for the thumbnails, I mostly use Canva which can be used for free (there is a Canva Pro Plan but that’s not needed typically).

      I do create a lot of banner images for my blog posts which so far I’ve just reused on YouTube for thumbnails.

      I’ve also got a newsletter that sends out custom Canva templates called Canva Design. This is now included for free to new Blogging Guide subscribers (just throwing that out there since you can get these done on Fiverr or from one-off freelancers but it is so much easier/more cost effective to get some great templates and edit yourself).

      Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my videos! I’m working on a lot right now but when I have some free time in the next few months I hope to do some longer and more advanced videos!

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