SaaS Mantra: a week later

Some numbers:

  • ~100 new users (purchasing ~200 seats in total)
  • ~20 new feature requests, we had to start a public roadmap
  • 7 public reviews (all positive), ~70 conversations in the helpdesk, ~40 questions on the deal page

In terms of motivation, this is hugely helpful. The money is nice, but we didn't need the money nearly as much as we needed the questions & feature requests & knowing that somebody actually enjoys the product we're building even despite all the missing features.

A side-note: doing something for the second time is much easier than doing it for the first time. Now that I have the SaaS Mantra experience, I'm going to start doing something like this with all my future projects. (Either that, or finding investors. But hey, need to find investors for Brick first.)

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    Cool, well done!
    Btw for the roadmap, I am using a tool to capture all requests and let people vote it. Here is how it looks for Boei: https://feedback.boei.help/
    Maybe something for you? I am sometimes putting feature requests in it myself and then share the url with the requester. Let me know if that looks interesting, I am developing that too.

    1. 1

      We don't want to use an external tool for the feature requests yet — dogfooding is a good principle. But I think that eventually we might have to switch to something like that when the volume of feature requests/discussions grows.

      1. 1

        I am using it mainly myself to let people know I am taking them seriously. It is great to reply with a link where their request is captured. Also I mention that I prioritize new dev based on demand and people get that.
        Hit me up when there is a time you are in the market for it :)

  2. 1

    Maybe it's time to update this post or publish a new one. Brick has been receiving a lot of love :)

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    Can you reveal a bit more about the tech stack behind Brick? What database is being used, what technologies, how do you plan to scale, vertically or horizontally, as the user base grows?

    1. 2

      Re/ scaling — really haven't thought about it yet. Right now the backend is nearly (or entirely?) stateless and so horizontal scaling should work fine.

    2. 2

      Sure! It's TypeScript both on the backend and the frontend. I'm a Haskell developer, but I purposefully chose a different language so that I wouldn't be tempted to mess with the backend.

      Database: Postgres hosted on Digital Ocean.

      Frontend: React, and CKEditor for the editor widget. We get a ton of features, including collaborative editing, from them.

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