November 29, 2019

Transitioned Newsletter to Substack

Dianna Allen @diannamallen

Hey IH! It's been a long while since I've chatted about BMP.

To be honest, I took a little break from it as I worked out some life situations. Things just happen and that's okay! Anyways, I've hit the ground running again and last night I made the switch to using Substack.

I started BMP with Mailchimp (do not recommend), then switched to MailerLite (do recommend), and have decided to take it one step further and move my subscriber list AGAIN.


Well, Substack offers the insane ease of setting up a freemium business model.

I've been toying with the idea of creating a premium tier for BMP and I decided to just jump right into it.

So, to give some background:

BMP originally was designed to send out weekly meal plans (full 7-day plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). What made this appealing to people was not only that the desired goal of it is to save money, but also because each week was themed. Therefore, the meal plans were always exciting.

As I jumped back into BMP the past few weeks, I surveyed my subscribers in hopes of analyzing exactly what they want.

I've found most are okay with receiving new recipes ideas and others are seeking the meal plans.

With that awareness, I immediately knew how to separate a free tier from a paid tier.


  • BMP sends out a weekly free newsletter that includes 3 recipes.
  • BMP also sends out a weekly paid-subscription newsletter that includes a 5-day meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complete with a grocery list for ease of shopping.

Why did I drop 2 days from the initial meal plan idea? Because it's unrealistic to not have a cheat day or an overall 'fun' day where you just don't worry about what you're eating.

Why did I drop 'snacks' from the meal plans? Because I wanted to :p

Feels great to back and I'm excited to see how Substack works out! I've already converted 1 subscriber to the paid tier, so that's just fucking awesome.

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