January 19, 2020

Launch of landing page


Today is the official release of the Bulletlist website. You can provide your email on the homepage if you would like to be notified when the public preview is made available.

Aside from the landing page, I've been working on the overall todo list experience and design. The core is just about there! My plan is to release a fully functioning todo list that you can play with without the need of creating an account on Bulletlist.

Hopefully, the preview will give you a taste of what the individual's experience of Bulletlist will be all about.

Before releasing the public preview I would like to spend some time to iron out any kinks in the todo list experience by making it better based on all of your feedback.


Here's a sneak peak of some of the functionality completed so far.

todo list

Each todo list item has a corresponding detail page with a rich text editor that allows you to add a description.

description editor

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