September 12, 2019

August Update, Just a Little Late

Karl Hughes @karlhughes

I missed my August update by a few days, but better late than never, right?

Honestly, I have been sort of laid back on CFP Land this past month. After writing a blog post on my marketing funnel for Indie Hackers, I wanted to see how it would work before messing with things too much, plus my wife's having a baby in two weeks so I'm getting a lot of stuff at my main job ready for a hiatus. 👶

August's numbers:

  • 2788 Twitter Followers 🐦
  • 1363 Free Email Subscribers 💌
  • $142.50 in CFP Land Pro Revenue 💳

Recurring revenue continues to rise - albeit slower than I'd like. The plus side is that I'm reaching a critical mass of marketing/awareness where I barely have to do anything anymore. I have stopped my more aggressive email and auto-follow campaigns and I'm still gaining subscribers and Twitter followers. Now I think the challenge is figuring out what this market needs enough to pay for.

This month, I started developing a couple new features for the paid app. I'm ultimately working towards team accounts, but there's some underlying updates that need to happen first. I've realized that many of my paid users are already getting their companies to pay, so it makes sense to give them a more team-centric experience at a higher price point, and allow more casual speakers greater access to the basic features for free. Charging individual users a few bucks per month in a market this small (<50k potential users worldwide) would be very limiting.

Next month will be touch and go. With the new baby, I'm not going to commit to much on CFP Land, but you never know, maybe it'll be a good sleeper and life won't get too crazy...I can dream at least. If I do get time, I'm going to introduce some more features for paid and free users as well as a trial run of team accounts to a few interested users.

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