February 8, 2019

#1 on Product Hunt!

Ecehan Ece @ecehanece

Yesterday I launched Charts Factory on Product Hunt and it made the first place!

Now it's time to develop the product!


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    Crazy. Any special steps you took?

    1. 1

      I only post my product on Indie Hackers and then Product Hunt. Also me and my friends shared it on twitter and facebook. That was all :)

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        It is so strange. I mean your product is slick and I like it, but who needs static charts? If I have data, probably in excel, I can make charts there. Who are your customers?

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          I guess not all end user knows how to use excel charts. With Charts Factory they can easily create charts and use them in several things.
          My main focus was students, people who works on companies and make frequent presentations, teachers who make presentations so much..

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            okay well very inspirational, and out of the box of my context :) good luck!