January 19, 2020

Have a challenge, for real.

Jean-Vincent QUILICHINI @Sense

I always worked for companies.
I also worked as a freelance.

Always working for the others. Their ideas, their goals, their achievements, their wallets. 💰

Life goes on, always working for the others, then watching their own success, enjoying this a little, but always as a spectator. 😶

I have a recurring dream, and laying on my bed, thanking for the sun to rise again, one more day, what it's good to be alive. What if I switched my position with them ? What if today (not tomorrow), I wake up for myself and not for some new Jira tickets ? What if I get out of my comfort zone, without looking again for more money I will probably never spend for something useful ?

I am a full-stack developer, a traveler, living on a small European island 🏖. Open-minded, ambitious, I'm sure I'm pretty smart enough to make my own product. To achieve this challenge, I'm volunteer to share all my knowledge, and I will ask for & accept to be advised, criticized. Growing not alone, but with everyone, here.

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