Reddit Clubhouse Invite, Don't Buy Clubhouse Scams

It's been about 3 weeks since I started the Clubhouse Invites train and we have helped 300+ new Clubhouse members join without getting scammed on Reddit or Internet.


If you go browse on Reddit for Clubhouse Invite, you can find many stories on how people got scammed by others with the promise of Clubhouse Invites. Do double (triple) check if you are ever buying clubhouse invite from a total stranger!

This motivated me to start Clubhouse Invites train (Pay-It Forward) as I mentioned on the medium blog: https://medium.com/@felixjosemon/looking-for-clubhouse-invite-codes-pay-it-forward-clubhouse-community-could-help-you-6ee8036babbf .

None of the Pay-It forward members cheated or scammed anyone. We are connected as a community with common goal of Pay-It forward. Everyone wins:) Internet is so kind!

Who's still on waiting list of Clubhouse App? Follow instructions to skip the waiting list & join the clubhouse app :)

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